7 Jimikki kammal Gold Which is Everyone’s Favorite

Fatima Rani

Jimikki kammal Gold

Today we bring you some of the best Jimikki kammal Gold favorites of Indian women. In fact, big jimikki kammal is most preferred by the women of Uttar Pradesh, India. They usually use these types of jhumka designs while going to various festivals. They even use this type of jimikki kammal design in their wedding ceremony.

We all use gold jewelry constantly to enhance our fashion style. So to meet your special needs these jhumka designs have been brought in today’s collection. These are going to be very interesting for those of you who are looking for attractive big jimikki kammal gold for yourself or as a gift to someone else.

What is the difference between jhumka and jhumki?

Many of you may have a question in your mind, what is the difference between Jhumka and Jhumki? In fact, the only reason such questions come to mind is the language difference. India being a very large country, different languages ​​are spoken in different regions. Many are using Hindi, some are using English and some are using Bengali. There are many differences between the Hindi language as well. Jhumka designs from many regions are called jhumki designs from many regions due to such differences. There is no difference between Jhumka and Jhumki. Both are the same thing. which women wear in their ears.

What is the weight of gold jhumka?

Usually the weight of gold jhumka is between 6 grams and 12 grams of gold. But now with very perfect work, jhumka designs can be made even with just 2 grams of gold. And bridal gold jhumka designs weight around 30 grams.

Latest Jimikki kammal Gold For Every Women:

Here you can see more than 7 Jimikki kammal Gold and know their weight and price. And where you use them will be appreciated. So without delay let’s see the designs and know the details.

1. Jimikki kammal gold design

jimikki kammal gold design

Many women in Delhi, India know these as jimikki kammal gold designs. They search by writing this name in different places. Anyway if you are looking for jimikki kammal gold design, then definitely collect the first design of today’s collection. It looks a lot like artificial jewelry designs. It is completely made of 21 carat gold.

Artificial gold jhumka designs have different stones used in this jhumka design. There is no danger of these stones falling. They are very durable. Can be used for many days. South Indian girls wear them extensively on their weddings.

  • Weight: 14 grams 
  • Price: 82,068 Rs (Currently) 

2. Jimikki kammal gold price

jimikki kammal gold price

While buying jimikki kammal’s, many of you may think about the price. Not knowing the exact price, can’t decide whether to collect it or not. So we have shared with you every jimikki kammal gold price of today’s collection. These will be very useful for you. The jhumka design mentioned in the photo above has a very exquisite peacock design. Peacock design jimikki kammal will make you more attractive in your wedding.

  • Weight: 10 grams 
  • Price: 58,620 Rs (Currently) 

3. Big jimikki kammal gold

big jimikki kammal gold

Hope these big jimikki kammal gold have won your heart. A small khumka is used at the top and a large jhumka is used at the bottom. It looks very tall in size. You can use it as big jimikki kammal gold. It will be most perfect for married women to wear while going to a wedding ceremony. It is made with a weight of around 33 grams.

  • Weight: 27 grams 
  • Price: 158,274 Rs (Currently) 

4. 8 gram gold jimikki kammal price

8 gram gold jimikki kammal price

If you want to know about 8 gram gold jimikki kammal price, check the above photo. You are here to see 8 gram gold jimikki kammal and know its price. To collect it, you have to spend around 60 thousand rupees. It will make you very attractive in general. So you can use it as simple gold jimikki kammal. Hope you will benefit. If you want to collect it, you can collect it from any big jewelry store in your city.  

  • Weight: 8 grams 
  • Price: 46,896 Rs (Currently) 

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5. Chand Bali Gold kammal jimikki designs with price

gold kammal jimikki designs with price

It is known by many names. Most people in India know it as Chand Bali Gold Jhumka. People in many parts of India know it as Gold Kamal Design. But it is worn by women from different parts of Delhi city as gold kammal jimikki design in theirs various wedding ceremonies. It will enhance the beauty of your ears. When you wear it, the jhumka design will stand out more brightly in your ears. Due to its larger size, it is a bit heavier. So it can also be worn as a heavy weight gold jhumka design.

  • Weight: 17 grams 
  • Price: 99,654 Rs (Currently) 

6. Jimikki kammal gold design

jimikki kammal gold design

Usually married women from rich families love to wear these types of jimikki kammal gold designs. So if you are a woman of 30 to 35 year’s, and looking for attractive jimikki kammal gold design for yourself, then definitely get it. Wearing it will make you look more stylish. As a stylish gold jhumka design, it has been sold in large numbers to married women of various rich families. It is completely made of 21k orginal gold.

  • Weight: 11 grams 
  • Price: 64,482 Rs (Currently) 

7. Jimikki kammal Gold for women

Jimikki kammal Gold

For those of you who love to wear artificial gold jewelry this Jimikki kammal gold will be perfect. Because different colored stones are used in it. Basically it is made for those who love to wear artificial jewelry all the time. However, this stone used jhumka design can be worn everywhere. Wearing this jhumka design in all the wedding events in winter will make you very admirable.

  • Weight: 15 grams 
  • Price: 87,930 Rs (Currently) 

Conclusion: Hope you like every Jimikki kammal Gold today. If you want to collect them then you can collect them from any big jewelry store in your city. Stay tuned to our website to see such attractive gold jewelry regularly.

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