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Fatima Rani

10 Holiday Outfits Elegant Ladies Never Wear

My dear elegant ladies, now you’re not gonna look out of place this holiday season if you avoid these 10 holiday outfits that I’m about to present to you. But before we begin, a little disclaimer. And also ladies, Don’t forget to stay with our website.

The disclaimer is that these are only my personal opinions. And if you wear any of these dresses, it doesn’t mean necessarily that you’re committing a fashion or elegance. All it means is that I don’t advise you wearing these 10 outfits if you want to look your best and if you want to leave an elegant impression.

Now, ladies, I’m personally not gonna judge you for wearing these items. But I know in some circles they will. So these types are only for ladies who are interested in cultivating an elegant personal brand or to navigate successfully in affluent circles. End of disclaimer. Now, let’s start with point number one.

1. Don’t wear revealing clothing at family gatherings

Don't wear revealing clothing at family gatherings

Elegant ladies never wear anything that’s too sexy in family gatherings. Now imagine you are visiting perhaps your in-laws, your grandparents or any of the older generation, which is usually what we do during the festive season. Either do you want this awkward feeling in the room because you are so lightly dressed and showing so much skin absolutely everywhere that it becomes incredibly uncomfortable, especially for the older generation.

Mind you, this is gonna be uncomfortable for you too, because you are going to feel out of place. You’re going to feel that people are acting ugly around you because they don’t really know how to behave because you are just putting on this display that makes people kind of really don’t know what to do with themselves.

And you know already what kind of clothes I’m referring to. Oftentimes, heavy, deep cleavage or really short and tight clothing. There’s just skin literally everywhere. And I want you to know one thing that I know that we often focus on what the woman is wearing. But mind you, this is also applicable for men.

I will not advise men to wear revealing clothes around the older generation. It is just not appropriate. So this is not regarding you as a woman. It’s really regarding everyone. This is just not appropriate.

2. Don’t wear sequin or glitter dresses

sequin or glitter dresses

Elegant ladies never wear sequin or glitter dresses. Now, before I comment on this, I need to go back to my disclaimer because I often get ladies after these type of videos who misunderstand my advice and think that everything that I say is incredibly black or white, and that there’s only one way or the other way.

There’s nothing in between. So with glitter and sequin dresses for holiday outfits, you need to be aware that not all sequin and glitter dresses are made equally. You have some really nice ones, some really high end ones. And then you have the really tacky ones. And that’s basically the ones that I’m advising you to stay away from.

Those that are made out of cheap cuts, cheap materials, too bedazzled, or with a combination of fabrics that look really cheap together. And remember ladies, if you’re online shopping for this occasion and you think that, this dress might look a little bit cheap. I’m not sure. There is a rule.

If it looks cheap on picture, it will look even cheaper in real life. That’s something you need to know. Now there is this really common what I call it, the new year’s eve dress. Everyone seems to be buying those for new year’s eve and everybody seems to wear these glitter dresses that are only made out of basically glitter or sequence.

I don’t really have a problem with this dress either because I think some can be nicely made, which is fine to wear them. What I think you need to think about is do you really want to wear it on new year’s eve? Because it might look a little bit cheesy and clich√© because everybody is wearing it and every store out there is advertising for you to wear it.

So I would personally skip it and maybe wear it another time, another occasion, and instead, find something a little bit more elegant or high-end and refined that you can wear that is not just about sequence and bling bling.

3. Don’t wear the Christmas jumper for Holiday outfits

Christmas jumper

Elegant ladies never wear the bad Christmas jumper. And I don’t think I really need to explain this because we all know that this type of jumper is not really flattering for anyone. And maybe, it’s fun to wear it because you know, you’re gonna have a little giggle with your friends or with your family.

But think about it this way, this giggle is going to last you approximately the first 10 minutes only when you wear it with the people that you are celebrating with. And then it’s kind of yesterday’s news. But you are stuck wearing this really ugly Christmas jumper.

And I really don’t see the point on such a special occasion to celebrate looking masculine and really your worst. So I personally think that it’s really important that we dress ourselves in clothing that’s going to elevate us, energize us with positive energy, rather than make us downgrade ourselves. So no, no Christmas jump for me this year.

4. Don’t wear a summer dress in winter

summer dress in winter

Elegant ladies never wear a summer dress in winter. Now, of course, this point is only applicable for ladies who live in countries that have four seasons like myself. But I hope that you know, that it’s not appropriate to wear your summer dress in winter as a party dress. And you, you know why? Well, it’s not so hard to guess because the climate is different,

because it’s oftentimes lightly colored summery with different textures and fabrics that kind of just look out of place during the dark winter months where we usually would like something thicker, something that fits the environment that we’re in. But it doesn’t mean you have to wear now thick material and dresses with let’s say long sleeves. No, you can skip that.

You can still wear something sleeveless, but you have to just make sure that it somehow looks appropriate for winter months and not like wearing this light linen dress, let’s say that you would wear in really hot climate.

5. Don’t wear girly cupcake dresses

girly cupcake dresses

Elegant ladies never wear girly cupcake dresses. Well, okay, that’s my personal name for it. I don’t know how best you would describe a dress like this. But when a girl ends up wearing it, for me, it looks a little bit too girly and a little bit cheesy and also so quite juvenile, as if you’re getting ready for prom. And by the way, if you are in that age, it’s no shame at all.

You can definitely wear these type of clothing, but for us who are older, I think that it looks a little bit odd. I’m all about dress yourself feminine. If you have more of a girl style then why not. But sometimes, you can take it a little bit too far. As an example, coming all dolled up and looking like a little cupcake, and then you have this dress that is all pink and everything is so cutey cutey.

I don’t know, I just don’t think that that’s the direction you should go. And I think sometimes, ladies put on such a look because they think that it actually will make them look expensive. Where in reality, it makes them look a little bit juvenile and cheesy.

6. Don’t wear plain black bodycon mini dress

plain black body con mini dress

Elegant ladies never wear a plain black body con mini dress. We all know that the little black dress is a classic in everyone’s wardrobe. And that’s included if you like a more elegant and feminine style. I do believe everybody should have a black little black dress, a black little black dress. You get my point. There is again, there comes a point where something so classic can look so incredibly cheap, plain and boring. And this is when the little black dress is short bodycon and very, very plain.

There is no detailing. There is no design to it. It’s just so plain, basic and simple. And you know that I oftentimes don’t speak poorly about plain garments because I love plain garments. I think sometimes, they actually end up looking more expensive because of the plainness in them. But this is a good example when it just doesn’t work. So avoid dresses like this if you want to be more elegant.

7. Don’t wear a dress with high-split

dress with high split

Elegant ladies never wear a dress with high split. And ladies, this dress is a little bit scary in my opinion. Because imagine a little gust of wind in the wrong place, you’re flashing your crotch. And ladies, not if you want to be elegant. I do need to specify that there are dresses with a split, which are fine. Those that finish a bit lower on the leg. So you don’t have the really high split.

I am talking about the high split, the ones that go well, pretty much up to the panty line, or even it crosses the panty where you actually see that, oh wow, this person, or this lady is not wearing any underwear. I have been to events where I have seen women wear this type of dress. And I must say, it does make you feel a little bit uncomfortable because you start thinking that,

Okay, but what if she steps in the wrong way or what if there is this wardrobe malfunction. She’s not wearing any panties underneath this dress and you almost don’t know where to look or what’s gonna happen next. Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time. And I really don’t advise you ladies to wear something that would put you in such terrible light, if that would happen.

And neither would, I want you to wear something that wouldn’t make you want to relax the whole night, because you will be paranoid that, okay, what if there is a little wind or breeze that comes and just flashes everything. So for this reason, skip this trend. It’s just nonsense at this point. If you want to wear a split, make sure it is a bit lower down.

8. Don’t wear a jacquard print dress

jacquard print dress

elegant ladies never wear jacquard print dress or however you’ve pronounce it. This is necessarily not a fashion rule, but more of my guidance to you. Because whenever I have seen dresses with this type of print, they not looked expensive and sometimes not even elegant. But the problem is that this print is really popular during the festive season, year after year.

And the problem also lays in our own associations with the print, because it can look a little bit costumy or it might look like a curtain, or a bit like upholstery. It might make you look a little bit dated, depends on the print itself. But my advice is to just stay away because you just never know. And for this reason, you want to be safe than sorry. But again, ladies, This print can sometimes work really nicely. Those exceptions do exist.

9. Don’t wear red or green velvet during a Christmas

red or green velvet during a Christmas

Elegant ladies never wear red or green velvet during a Christmas. Now, generally speaking, be careful in wearing red and green during Christmas, unless you want to look like a Christmas tree or like Santa Claus. But red velvet is in particularly dangerous because basically, that’s what Santa is wearing. He is wearing a red velvet jacket.

So it might look a little bit awkward, especially as the Santa comes in and you look at him and you realize that you pretty much dress like him. So I would advise you not to wear those colors, just skip them all together in velvet. That also includes burgundy red.

10. Don’t wear casual clothes during party season

casual clothes during party season

Elegant ladies never wear casual clothes during party season, or let’s say party occasions. Because you don’t wanna be a party pooper and underdress for celebration where everyone else have made an effort and dressed up. Now, remember what I just said, that your clothes is going to make you feel a certain way. And if you’re there under dressed, it’s gonna ruin your own mood first and fore most.

But I also think that it shows a little bit of bad manners towards everyone else who have made an effort and who are there in high spirits, and you just walk in wearing your rag old clothes or whatever it is that just signals that you couldn’t be bothered to make can effort. Don’t do it to other people. Don’t be a party pooper.

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