6 simple latest design of gold Earrings Add Your Jewelry Collection

Nila Nahar

simple latest of gold earrings

 Gold ornaments are very much preferred by almost all the women of the present time.  Also like simple latest design of gold earrings.  And so women make and use new ornaments all the time.  Women in India are very much interested in the use of gold ornaments.

Many of you are looking online for small earring designs or pictures. Today I have come up with some simple latest design of gold Earrings that you will like.

Every boy or girl is very attracted to small gold earrings because the beauty of small earrings is much more than long earrings. Today we will discuss about simple latest design of gold earrings so let’s start.

1.Simple Latest Design Of old earring

  • Earring weight:0.78 hm
  • Earring price:4,290
  • Metal:21k gold

The design of these 21k gold earrings is very simple. This earrings are light in weight. For those women who don’t like heavy gold jewelry can make this. This would be perfect for daily wear. Will go very well with salwar kameez. Those who like simple latest design of gold Earrings  can keep it in their collection and enjoy it everyday.

This gold earrings looks very interesting. Small earrings require little gold to make so those who can’t afford it always prefer earrings for themselves. The small earrings are made little gold, so the lower the price.

2. Floral Stud Earring Design

Earring Design

  • Earring weight:1.99 GM
  • Earring price:10,945 Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

Stud earring designed with beautiful  and awesome flower petals will catch anyone’s eye at first sight. Today’s women prefer to wear very simple earring because it is light in weight and comfortable to wear so all women look for simple earring.

If you want to wear earring, you have to be careful with your own hair, because the earrings stuck to the hair will split and the hair will be damaged. That’s why women  prefer   simple latest design of gold.  prefer simple latest design of gold earrings  more than big earrings. You can ware this beautiful earrings with Sharee, salwer kameez,or gown and others dresses.

3. Love Shape Earring Design

Earring Design

  • Earring weight: 0.79 hm
  • Earring price:4,345Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

This earring is designed in love shape. Looks good and comfortable to wear so it tops everyone’s wish list. And those who like love shape gold earrings can get them in their gold jewelry collection.

Women feel very comfortable wearing  simple latest design of gold earrings  everyday . Women don’t like to lose their hair all the time that’s why they prefer small earrings so that there is no problem during sleep and no hair problem. Salwar kameez will go perfectly with this simple gold earrings.

4.Floral Jhumki Earring Design

Simple earring Design

  • Earring Weight:GM
  • Earring price:11,300Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

This earring has a beautiful floral design and the jhumka design below the earring makes the earring stand out beautifully. The jhumka has a beautiful chain in between and is attractive with balls under the chain for a first look that everyone loved it .

Simple latest design of gold Earrings comfortable to wear. They are made of little gold and hence can be collected at low prices anyone. All the latest earring designs can be collected effortlessly. Small earrings are very useful for daily use as they do not disturb sleep and do not tangle hair. You can use this earrings with salwar kameez.

5. Unique earring pasha Design

Small earring design

  • Earring weight:1.16gm
  • Earring price:6,380Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

Many people are looking for Kan pasha designs, for them today I have brought this ear ring Kan pasha design. This unit Kan pasha design is mesmerizing with its exquisite. Its looks amazing.

You can make these earrings in such a beautiful design with little gold and keep them with you and use them daily. Kan pasha is made more attractive with balls along with chains. Those of you who have been looking for a unique Kan pasha gold pendant for a long time can get it made and wear regularly. Simple latest design of gold Earrings liked by all.

6. Leaf Shape Earring Design

Small earring Design

  • Earring weight:1.06gm
  • Earring price:5,830Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

These earrings are leaf shaped. The pleats are cut in between the leaves and in the corners and the three balls through the three chains make the earring design more beautiful and interesting.

These pendants can be used everyday if you want and can be wear in any wedding festival, trade fair, opening ceremony, employee benefits, travel event. You can also give it to someone as a gift.You can make it little gold with low budget. so without delay you get it and spent your happy life.

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7. Star Earring Design

Small earring Design

  • Earring weight:0.85gm
  • Earring price:4,675Rs
  • Metal:21k gold

These stunning earrings are designed by stars. In between, it is folded like a beautiful flower. The leaf design at the bottom of the earring makes the pendant beautiful. Those who wanted to make Simple latest design of gold Earrings  light in weight . You can make this earring design in just 0.85-1 gm.

These earrings will suit women who are housewives or college students. A small amount of gold can be made so you can give it to yourself or someone you love as a favor. Can be worn in any wedding event, can be worn on someone’s birthday party with salwar kameez or gown for your simple look.

Simple latest design of gold earrings can be made at a low price, so those who cannot afford large gold earrings can collect small gold earrings by making different designs. Small gold earrings can be worn on any occasion and look very attractive and interesting.

We come to you with new earring designs everyday to benefit you. Our only goal is to benefit you. Here you can collect the earring design that you like and make it for yourself. You can also give it to someone as a gift on a wedding ceremony or any occasion.

In our today’s post we have discussed Simple latest design of gold earrings. Hope you benefit and happy for this collection. Follow and visit our website to get more. Thank you

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