12 Latest Dubai Trendy bracelet for women

Nila Nahar

Bracelet for women

Bracelet for women are the accessory used all over the world to enhance the look of hands. Bracelets are bands or chains that adorn one’s wrists that are used by both men and women. Bracelets are quickly attracting attention for their latest trends; patterns and designs. The various teaming options available for a bracelet can give a lot of outfit ideas for women according to the occasion and event. Since fashion is more about accessories these days, women’s bracelets are in high demand.


Adding elegance to one’s personality, giving that confidence, good looking hands, style and fashion, a bracelet can be just the answer! Go flaunt those fashionable looks with the choice of bracelets for women.

They are now considered as one of the most accessible and stylish accessories. Here we take a look at the 12 Latest Trendy bracelet for women so let’s start.


1. Bracelet for women

bracelet for women

This is a amazing bracelet for women. It’s a very nice flower design with gold net. It’s call also watch bracelet. A fashionable and unique way to wear an accessory is this, where you can hand out on a gold bracelet. It looks very beautiful and gives you a charming and glamorous look.

2. Trendy bracelets for Ladies

bracelet for women

This type of gold trendy bracelet for women is very different and gives your wrist a beautiful and different look. Young girls can wear them with jeans and funky t-shirts to define their style and look fashionable. With this nose ring looks very good.

3. Bracelet for Girl

bracelet for women

This is perfect  bracelet for girl and gels perfectly with any outfit you wear. This 22 carat gold bracelet gives you an enhanced look on your wrist and best of all, the encrusted in rose gold circle and star shape makes the bracelet look stunning on your wrist.

4. Watch Bracelet for Ladies

bracelet for women

The most important thing that comes to mind when thinking of trendy jewelry is a watch bracelet for ladies. Color bracelets like gold and rose gold with multiple trinkets or single trinkets like net watch can be used to create your own style.

5. Bracelet Gold

bracelet for women

This is a stylish bracelet gold. Almost many girls prefer only gold flower design bracelets, today we bring you a bracelet that can go with almost all dresses. Wear this beautiful bracelet with necklace, earring, finger ring etc.

6. Bracelet design for Girl

bracelet for women

The safest bet and not to go out of fashion color is rose gold. Any gold jewelery can always be assured for color, luster and value. Rose gold bracelets for women look amazing with traditional dresses in weddings, festivals etc. Bracelet for women can match literally any outfit. One can never go wrong with rose gold bracelets and gold jewellery.

7. Original rose gold bracelet

bracelet for women

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper used in jewelry making. Original rose gold bracelet jewelry is becoming very popular and is commonly used for rings, bracelets and other jewelry. Also known as red gold and rose gold depending on the copper content in it, these are luxury and high end people as they are expensive. They give that classy look to a woman’s overall personality.

8. Rose gold bracelet for girl

bracelet for women

Bracelets with a unique gold ball shape look good for everyday use. The unique balls  of the bracelet can wear necklace, earring. It can use every day so you can take this and enjoy it. With a finger ring looks amazing.

9. Bracelet for women design

bracelet for women

It’s a bracelet for women with balls in rose gold. This is a simple design for everyday wear. You can wear it finger ring, earring, necklace and other ornaments. Salwar kameez or gown is perfect for it.

10. Chain Bracelet for women

bracelet for women

Plain chain bracelet for women can be for any regular occasional wear and daily wear. They can be gold, silver or any alloy. Teens and young women can experiment a lot with chain bracelets for college wear and office wear. They can be teamed with anything for a simple yet elegant look.

11. Bracelet design

bracelet for women

These bracelet for women are simple but with a touch of elegance in them. A girl can wear it, and middle-aged women want to look elegant. The design of the gold bracelet is very beautiful, and the gold leaf and star are  good shape which portrays a unique look on your wrist.

12. Chain bracelet gold

bracelet for women


A roll chain gives this 22kt yellow Chain bracelet gold a long-set design. This bracelet features a refined finish and is secured by a lobster claw clasp. The metal carries a weight of 4.36 grams. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest gold bracelet for girls who are extremely fascinated.

Women are very fashion conscious and always want to keep their style statement updated. Bracelets are the way to make your own style statement. Bracelets with unique styles, designs and looks give a new definition to the overall personality. Bracelets are excellent communicators when using any non-verbal method of communication like hand gestures, handshakes, etc. while speaking. Bracelets are for elegance on a woman’s hand.


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