5 Latest Dubai Gold Necklace with Price

Fatima Rani

Latest dubai gold necklace with price in 2023

Most of the girls in India and Bangladesh and Pakistan prefer Dubai gold necklaces in recent times. They started searching in different places. Usually the necklaces that are made in Dubai are very attractive and heavy in weight. Especially great to wear on weddings. We always strive to improve our fashion style.

So if you haven’t used Dubai gold necklaces, then you should now. Actually they are very awesome and you will look very good when you wear them. So let’s see the necklaces and know the details.

1. Dubai gold necklace collection

Dubai gold necklace collection

Hottest women will look amazing if they wear this type of gold necklace around their neck. Especially when Muslim girls wear this gold necklace around their neck, they look very noble and perfect. So if you are a Muslim woman, then you can definitely collect this Dubai gold necklace and wear it around your neck.

Hope it will be great for you. It has gold plates cut into it with small leaf designs. And they are hung in a special manner throughout the necklace. This design is really amazing. However, it would be a perfect gift for a married wife. It weight 66 grams. According to the current market, the price will be 363,000 rupees.

2. Stylish Dubai gold necklace

Bridal gold necklace

Who wouldn’t want to collect this attractive Dubai gold necklace. Thousands of girls will be impressed by the design. So far all the women who have seen this necklace have expressed interest in collecting it. However, due to its heavy weight, it was not possible for everyone to collect it. It is especially great for married girls from rich families. Also, if it is used in the wedding ceremony of rich family girls, then it will be more perfect.

It is very densely designed. And small floral designs can be realized all over the necklace. It has a pair of very attractive earrings to match. Also if you notice, you can see that the bar on the top of this necklace has a large floral design inside the bar. It is made by fully machine working.

So there is no need to worry about breaking. Very durable will be filled. And you can wear it for a long time no doubt. The weight of this necklace with earrings is 77 grams. As per the current market it will cost around Rs 423,500.

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3. V shape gold necklace with price

Gold necklace collection

Most of the necklaces in today’s collection are made in V shape design. Because nowadays most of the girls love to wear V shaped necklaces. I don’t think you can find necklaces like this anywhere else. We have brought you this necklace after a lot of scrutiny. Hope it will be great for you.

The same design is done all over the necklace. So you can collect it as simple bridal gold necklace. It weight 52 grams. According to the current market it will cost Rs 286,000.

4. Latest dubai gold necklace

Latest dubai gold necklace

It is the latest Dubai gold necklace that has gained a lot of fame in the market. It is a round neck necklace. Most Muslim girls wear this necklace on their wedding ceremony. Wearing this necklace you don’t need to wear any long necklace with it. If you wear it, your entire neck will be full.

Four to five flowers in a special design are used in the necklace. The weight of this necklace is 60 grams. According to the current market it will cost Rs 330,000

5. V shape Dubai gold necklace with price

V shape Dubai gold necklace with price

This simple design bridal dubai gold necklace has become very popular for brides these days. In fact, today’s collection of gold necklaces are becoming very popular in each and every place. You yourself may have realized that none of them are less beautiful. Also, if you wear bridal gold jhumka with them, it will look great.

However if you are looking for bridal gold necklaces, dubai gold necklaces, attractive gold necklaces to wear on your wedding, then surely these five necklaces from today’s collection will be enough for you. You collect any one of them. Hope your wish will be fulfilled. This necklace has a weight of 56 grams and according to the current market it will cost Rs 308,000.

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