The Best Gold Long Necklace Designs in This Week 2023

Fatima Rani

Gold long necklace

We bring you the best and trendy gold long necklace designs of the current week. Girls love to wear this long necklace after marriage while going to festivals. Light weight long necklaces are most preferred by women these days. So in today’s collection I have brought you some trendy long necklaces in very light weight.

These necklaces are made in very unique designs. Girls can also wear it on their wedding if they want. Indian girls especially like these long necklaces. In fact this necklace plays a very important role in the fashion style of girls. So let’s know about them in detail.

1. Light weight gold long necklace

Light weight gold long necklace

It is not possible to explain you with language! See for yourself how attractively designed it is. All design is completely unique. It is amazing to make a gold long necklace with such an attractive design in such a light weight.

Yet to please you our native artisans have created this necklace with such attractive perfect work in light weight. It is made of only 12 grams of gold. As per the current market it will cost Rs 76,000.

2. Gold long necklace designs

Gold long necklace designs

If you are a married woman and are looking for gold long necklaces to dress up yourself for going to a relative’s house, then the necklaces in today’s collection will definitely be great. These long necklaces are being sold in large quantities in the market this week.

That’s why I bring all necklace here for you today. Each necklace is made entirely of orginal gold. It weight 12 grams. As per the current market it will be priced at Rs 81,500.

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3. Long shaped gold necklace

Long shaped gold necklace

Many people ask us to show long shaped gold necklaces. The necklaces that have been brought in today’s collection are long in shape. So you can pick any of these necklaces as long necklaces. It hangs a lot from the neck hence looks very bright.

It will go great with bridal blouse designs. Use it to make yourself more stylish. It weight 11.50 grams. As per the current market it will be priced around Rs 73,250.

4. 22 grams gold long necklace

12 grams gold long necklace

This attractive long necklace is made of only 22 grams of gold. Many will be surprised to see this. In fact, it is amazing that such an attractive design can be made in such a small weight. However it will be enough to grab your attention. You will definitely get compliments at any event wearing it. The price of this 22 gram gold long necklace will be around Rs 131,000

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5. 24 grams gold long necklace

24 grams gold long necklace

At the end of today’s collection we bring you another trendy gold long necklace. Indian women can wear it as a “Haram design”. For those of you who are looking for a real gold necklace in a heavy weight, this would be great. It is made with heavy weight.

So will be very durable full. Every gold necklace in today’s collection is made completely 21 carat orginal gold. Don’t worry about them getting spoiled. This necklace weight 24 grams. As per the current market you will have to spend around Rs 142,000 to buy it.

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