5 Latest Dubai Gold Chain for Daily Use

Nila Nahar

Latest Dubai Gold Chain

Latest dubai gold chain are something you can wear every day without any difficulty. They are designed so delicately that it flaunts your neckline. A chain is a best accessory for the neck. It beautifies your neck and increase your look. Fashionable people use it as a style quotient. It wraps around our neck beautifully. The designs of the chains are so awesome that it shines on your neck. This kind of elegant design makes a place in people’s hearts in no time. Its intricate design adds wonderful to your look.

Is 22k gold good for a chain?

22-carat gold is normally used for designing jewelry items. Since this type of gold contains 92% gold and 8% other metals such as silver, zinc, nickel and alloys, 22-carat gold makes for durable and strong pieces of jewelry.

What is 22k vs 18k chain?

The difference between 18k and 22 kt gold is that 18k gold contains 75% pure gold, while 22k gold contains 91.67% pure gold. Additionally, 18k gold is harder and more durable than 22k gold, making it more resistant to scratches and use.

How much is a 14K gold chain worth?

A 14k gold necklace can cost around $1000 to $2000. Depending on the quality and size, it can be worth more. The weight of gold metal and gemstones included in a 14K gold chain will determine the price. The amount of gold per ounce varies, but the price per gram remains the same.

Latest Dubai Gold Chains in Different Designs:

Check out our top 5 latest dubai gold chains on trend with images here. Choose your great one and pick it for you.

1. Latest Dubai Gold Chain

Latest Dubai Gold Chain

  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Price: 65,640 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This Latest Dubai Gold Chain is so pretty. A unique workmanship is made of gold, and two layer with three locket that’s looks great. In the last locket has long hanging locket are attached. It perfect for regular use and party wear. The design of the chain is so much eye-catching. Wear it bracelet and earrings.

2. Dubai rose gold chain

Dubai rose gold chain

  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Price: 71,110 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This is a very latest dubai gold chain.  gold. The stick is slightly thickened. It’s a rose gold chain and also looks like a necklace. This stunning gold chain is no popular.  You feels like a necklace is holding you. It comes out as glorious and modern. Wear it bangles and finger ring.

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3. Dubai rose gold balls chain

Dubai rose gold balls chain

  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Price: 92,990 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This is another latest dubai gold chain that’s crafted by nice balls. Each balls workmanship is beautiful.  You can go any party or weeding. It’s best for regular use. Wear it earrings and nose ring.

4. Dubai small balls gold chain

Dubai small balls gold chain

  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Price: 54,700 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This latest dubai gold chain is known as rose gold because of its rose-like color. The design of the chain looks like small balls joined together and adjacent. The chain looks thick and impressive. You can use it daily. If you want you can wear any wedding or function.

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5. New Dubai  gold chain

New Dubai  gold chain

  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Price: 65,640 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 22kt gold

These latest dubai gold chain look trendy for daily wear. A beautiful craftsmanship on a chain and is light in weight. It’s now in hot fashion among young women. It is the latest design running wild. Wear it bangles and earrings.

A person of any age can wear latest dubai gold chain. Anyone can create their style using a latest gold chain. You can explore different latest chain designs in gold and get a twist in your look. Latest gold chain designs are such that anyone can buy them. If you like and love jewellery, you can wear a daily gold chain.

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