Long and Round Shape Earrings Designs with Ethnic Touch

Fatima Rani


Round and slightly elongated, these Round Shape Earrings epitomise a harmonious blend of subtlety and style. Their unique shape and modest length make them a versatile accessory that seamlessly transitions from day to night, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

The circular design of these earrings exudes a classic charm that transcends trends, making them a timeless addition to one’s jewelry collection. The gentle curvature complements various face shapes, enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty with a subtle yet captivating allure.

The modest length, coupled with the round shape, creates a delicate balance between statement and understatement.In essence, these round and slightly elongated earrings embody the essence of timeless elegance, offering a versatile and enduring accessory that speaks to the enduring appeal of simplicity and grace in jewelry design.

1. Round Shape Earrings

The second design features a commonly worn and lightweight earring, crafted meticulously with a weight of 3 grams. The upper part boasts a beautifully intricate design, while the lower part is attached to the earlobe. The machine work showcases fine craftsmanship, and small embellishments enhance its overall elegance. This earring is not only lightweight but also adorned with delicate details, creating a stunning and appealing look for wearers.

  • Weight : 3.010 grams
  • Price:- 16,856 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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2. Long Bridal earring

In the first earring, a small and beautiful top is delicately crafted on the upper part. It features a charming flower design. Below, a double-layered arrangement forms a pattern resembling a half moon with meticulous craftsmanship. The intricately detailed work showcases exquisite artistry. Hanging delicately from the bottom is a series of 3 small chains, adding to its beauty. This piece not only exudes traditional charm but also embodies a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

  • Weight : 13.50 grams
  • Price:- 75,600 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

3. Ethnic look earring

This is a lovely small earring piece that would be appreciated by everyone. The upper part features a beautiful flower design, while below, a large jhumka in a round shape is attached. The jhumka incorporates both delicate network and intricate machine work, creating a captivating blend. The earring’s size has been thoughtfully designed, with small detailing, and three dangling chain below add to its overall beauty.

  • Weight : 3.610 grams
  • Price:- 20,216 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

4. Earring under  4 gram

Our today collection have a predominantly traditional look. The earring you described, with a leaf-shaped design at the top and a small intricately worked earring below, indeed adds a touch of common elegance. The fine machine work on the smaller earring is complemented by small designs on the sides. Three chains gracefully hang together below, and two small water drop-like designs on the sides complete the ensemble. Overall, it is a beautiful choice, especially for those who appreciate traditional aesthetics.

  • Weight : 3.570 grams
  • Price:- 19,992 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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5. Beautiful long earring for newly bride

The upper section of the earring features an exquisite design of a five-petal flower. Below this, there is an attachment adorned with a delicate net-work, enhancing its overall aesthetic. On either side, intricate patterns resembling beautiful flowers have been meticulously crafted. Hanging gracefully below are three chains, and two small gold – drop detailing have been added on each side, completing the captivating ensemble.”

  • Weight : 6.400 grams
  • Price:- 35,840 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

6. Very traditional earring design

The traditional touch is beautifully captured in this design. The upper part features a stunning flower design with seven petals, and below, there’s a beautiful earring with a linear pattern. The sides are adorned with intricate patterns, and a small hanging pendant is attached below. Additionally, two water drop-like designs on the sides enhance its beauty. The overall look is truly exquisite, making it a wonderful choice for a special gift.

  • Weight : 6.50 grams
  • Price:- 36,400 Rs
  • Metal:-21 carat gold

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