7 New Gold Bangles Designs with Price

Fatima Rani

New Gold Bangles

Many more new gold bangles have come in the market this week. From among them I have selected several Bengals for you. Hope these will be great for you. Women use these gold bangle designs to make themselves more attractive. Gold chunky bangles look great on hands. These enhance the beauty of your hands. The way women wear necklaces around their necks. Similarly they wear New Gold Bangle designs on their hands. So this bangle design is in great demand among everyone.

Each and every bangle design in today’s collection is made in very light weight and you can get them from any jewelry shop if you want. If you want you can collect these gold bangles for yourself. The weight and price of each bangle design will be known.

1. Floral gold bangle design with price

Latest gold bangle design with price

The entire bangle surface is made with attractive floral design. You can wear it in your wedding if you want. Otherwise you can give it to someone as a gift. This particular bangle design was gifted by a sister to her younger sister this week.

Her younger sister was married, so this type of bangle is most attractive to married women. So he was very happy. A total of 21 carat gold has been used in it. It weighs 13 grams. According to the current market it will be priced at Rs 87,100.

2. Bridal gold Bangle Designs

Bridal gold Bangle Designs

This bangle design can be very awesome for native women. If they wear a red saree with a bridal gold necklace and a pair of these bangle designs on hand while visiting a relative’s house, it will be very appropriate. And wear it where they will be admired. Especially newly married girls will look most attractive wearing it. It weighs 14 grams. As per the current market you will have to spend Rs 93,800 to buy it.

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3. New gold bangles design for brides

New gold bangle design for brides

It is completely different from all the new gold bangles designs in today’s collection. As you may have realized, it is only made of gold leaf. These are usually worn by married women all the time. Because you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged by wearing them all the time.

They tend to be a little heavier and are very durable. You can wear it in any festive event. It weighs 10 grams. According to the current market, the price will come to Rs 67,000.

4. Stylish gold bangle design

Stylish gold bangle design

When you look at this stylish bangle design, you will understand how unique it is. Take a good look that it has a twisted design across the entire Bengal. Which has increased the beauty of this bangle more. If you want to decorate yourself in a more unique design, then definitely use this bangle design. It weighs 12 grams. According to the current market, the price will be Rs 80,400.

5. Creative gold bangle

Creative gold bangle

If you want to make your beauty more traditional, then definitely use this bangle design. Because this bangle is completely made in traditional design. Generally these types of bangle designs were worn earlier by the wives of kings.

So these bangle designs are called royalty. They are very well made. So you can wear it for a long time. It weight 12 grams. According to the current market, the price will be 80,400 rupees.

6. Gold bangle photo

Gold bangle photo

If you are looking for attractive gold bangle designs, then you can collect these bangle designs made in dubai for yourself. You can buy these bangle designs especially to make yourself look more rich. It is very light in weight and you can collect it at low cost.

It is so durable that you can wear it whenever you want. Its buyers have praised a lot about it. So I think you can benefit from collecting it. It weight 13 grams. As per the current market price of this bangle design will be Rs.87,100.

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7. Small floral design gold bangle

Small floral design gold bangle

At the end of today’s collection I bring you yet another awesome and wonderful design bangle. Which is currently the most sold in the market. And it will be so much more attractive on your hand that anyone will be impressed by your hand. And she will be attracted to your hand.

Every new gold bangles design in today’s collection is made entirely of pure gold. And they have been brought up with great scrutiny. So don’t be harmed in any way by collecting them. This bangle design weighs 13 grams. As per the current market you will have to spend Rs 87,100 to buy it.

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