FULL FIGHT | Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe Highlights


Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe Highlights

FULL FIGHT | Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe Highlights

Best Advice,Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe Highlights!!  Tagoe needed to be more active. Garcia needed to throw more jabs to set up more combinations, had great pressure but lunged in everytime. Tagoe can take a lot of punishment! I really like Ryan. Looking forward to enjoying his fights for years to come. Great vid from DAZN!!

More than 24 people like this post, Very wild from Ryan, he should be dominating this guy, he has gone down in my estimation. No ring iQ im shocked, all he has is speed. Really that is Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel tagoe highlights

Very expensive!! Garcia is not using his jab like he should at that level. Wonder how tank would of handled this guy? If I had to guess…tank would have knocked out Tagoe in the early rounds.Garcia still not ready for tank.

Garcia got that elusiveness style that give you power and speed of saving energy of the Anatomy Sculpture. He just walks around and float! Wow very likely review, Horrible comeback fight, hopefully he studied this and made some adjustments. Fortuna is a great fighter and he could potentially KO Ryan, if he is not careful.

You need to know about Tagoe for best advice, Tagoe just kept running, this was a easy fight for Ryan. Is this right??

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Good question, Crazy how long Tagoe’s arms are for his size. Is that solely genes or do environmental and lifestyle factors during childhood contribute? Like say if he grew up training boxing non stop during his developmental years or something?

Someone should tell DAZN that replaying this fight will not make people want to watch the next fight. Just the opposite. more than 90 people like this post. Very Awesome!

One of the most boring fights of 2022. Tagoe didn’t even want to fight Garcia and it went to a decision yet Garcia thinks he’s ready for Tank? Laughable.

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