13 Latest Simple Daily Wear Gold Earrings 2023

Fatima Rani

simple daily wear gold earrings

Today I bring you the latest simple daily wear gold earrings after a lot of checking. You may have been blown away by these earrings from today’s collection. Because these earrings look very attractive and gorgeous. These earrings are widely sold in various jewelry stores during the New Year. So today I bring them for you. You can collect these earrings for daily wear.

As these earrings are made to be light weight and sturdy, they won’t suffer any damage from daily wear. So if you are looking for interesting latest simple daily wear gold earrings for your style, then definitely get it.

1. New model simple daily wear gold earrings

New model simple gold earrings with price

You can earn a lot of compliments by wearing these simple gold earrings that are attractive in new models. You can be more stylish by adding it to your jewelry collection. Girls commonly update their jewelry collection regularly. Jewelry collection is important fashion item for girls.

  • Weight: 3.4 grams
  • Price: 25,234 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

2. Simple long gold earrings

simple long gold earrings

A floral design at the top. And these attractive simple gold earrings with long shape will make you look gorgeous when you wear them to any party. Nowadays girls aged 22 to 24 years have collected these gold earrings in large numbers to go to parties. It is completely made of 21k gold.

  • Weight: 2.9 grams
  • Price: 21,523 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

3. Simple gold earrings in 3 grams

simple gold earrings in 3 grams

Girls always want to add attractive and nice simple earrings to their jewelry collection. That is why they are constantly looking for attractive earrings in different places. If you are one of them, then definitely check out these earrings of today’s correction. You will be very profitable to collect these earrings.

  • Weight: 2.8 grams
  • Price: 20,781 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

4. Simple earrings in 4 grams

simple earrings in 4 grams

If you look closely, you can see that there is a bit of opulence in these earrings. So if you wear it before going to a party, you will look more rich. This will be very beneficial for you, because any boy likes rich girls. These simple daily wear earrings weight just 4 grams.

  • Weight: 3.7 grams
  • Price: 27,460 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

5. Long type simple gold earrings

Long type simple gold earrings

A round shaped wire is used in the middle of it. It would be great if worn by married women. Besides, old girls can also wear these earrings. It is crafted in just two and a half grams of gold and you can get these earrings for under Rs 20,000.

  • Weight: 2.19 grams
  • Price: 16,254 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

6. Gorgeous simple gold earrings

gorgeous simple gold earrings

Small in size but huge in length, these simple daily wear gold earrings  will look gorgeous on young girls. Especially 20-year-old girls are very suitable to wear it to various festivals. It looks great when worn with kameez and gowns.

  • Weight: 3.374 grams
  • Price: 25,041 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

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7. Stylish simple gold earrings

Stylish simple gold earrings

These attractive symbol gold earrings are made in a traditional design. It is very good for daily wear. It will be worn for a long time if not worried about being damaged in any way because it is so well made. You can use it for many days if you want.

  • Weight: 3.949 grams
  • Price: 29,308 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

8. Daily wear gold earrings designs in 3 grams

daily wear gold earrings designs in 3 grams

In just 3 grams of gold, you can pick up these attractive earrings for everyday wear. Made with only 3 grams of gold. So it will be very low in terms of price as well. You can collect it to make yourself look stylish. Indian girls like it very much. Generally Indians like to wear big earrings.

  • Weight: 3.058 grams
  • Price: 22,696 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

9. Latest daily wear gold earrings designs

latest daily wear gold earrings designs

These new design earrings have caught the eye of any women very easily. It’s more attractive than it looks when you wear it. Nowadays you will find a lot of simple gold earrings in the market, also collect them for daily wear. Hope it will be very useful.

  • Weight: 4.44 grams
  • Price: 32,982 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

10. Long earrings

daily wear gold earrings designs for female

It is larger in size than all the simple daily wear gold earrings  in today’s collection. It is completely made of 21k gold. So you don’t have to face any problem to collect it. Hope you will benefit greatly by collecting it. Due to their perfect workmanship, they are durable and full for many days.

  • Weight: 4.4 grams
  • Price: 35,924 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

11. Beautiful daily wear earrings

Beautiful daily wear earrings

Hindu girls love these gold earrings to wear all the time. Because this gold earring design is very dear to them. So if you too are a Hindu women, you can definitely collect it for yourself. Hope it suits you all very well. Orginal gold is used in it. It is very important for you to look great.

  • Weight: 4.4 grams
  • Price: 32,655 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

12. Light weight gold earrings

Light weight gold earrings

If you look at the top, you can see a very interesting floral design. Which is currently very popular among girls in Delhi city, India. Young girls of Delhi city have always collected it to wear. The design is made by modern machinery. The designs that have been done are very attractive.

  • Weight: 3.1 grams
  • Price: 23,007 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

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13. Latest Simple daily wear gold earrings

Simple design

You must collect these simple gold earrings made of 21 carat pure gold. The most popular earrings nowadays are simple gold earrings. So you can spread yourself more by collecting them. Each earring is very sturdy.

  • Weight: 4.2 grams
  • Price: 31,177 Rs (currently)
  • Metal: 22k real gold

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