Top 6 Gold Jhumka Designs for Bride in India

Fatima Rani

Top 6 gold jhumka designs for bride

Many husband’s find attractive gold jhumka designs for brides. So today I will show you Top 6 gold jhumka designs for bride for such wife loving husbands. These gold jhumka designs have become very popular for brides these days. A large number of husbands have chosen this gold jhumka design for their brides. We have carefully scrutinized these jhumka designs to bring you today.

These jhumka designs are made entirely of 22k original gold and some are made entirely of 21k orginal gold. So you can make your bride very happy by gifting these gold jhumka design. And can make him shine even more. Nowadays there are many men who are looking for attractive gold jhumka designs for their beloved brides, today’s collection is great for them.

You can pick up these gold jhumka designs for bride from any major jewelry store in your city. If you show them these photos, they will make the exact design. I will inform you about the weight and price of each jhumka design. Keep in mind that jhumka designs may vary in price due to fluctuations in gold prices. So let’s see the jhumka designs.

1.  Top gold jhumka designs for Bride

latest bridal jhumka design

If you are a wife lover and you are looking for attractive gold jhumka designs for your bride. But you are very worried about which design you will collect! Because it depends a lot on whether the one you take will be liked by your bride! So to free you from such problems and worries we have brought these gold jhumka designs for bride from today’s collection.

You collect any one of these and give it to your wife, hope she will be very happy with you. And she will start loving you more. Nowadays, many husbands are gifting their wives with these jhumka designs. These are among the top trending gold jhumka designs. Any woman will love it after watching it.

Anyway you can get these gold jhumka designs for your bride. You can get these jhumka designs at very affordable prices. This jhumka design is completely made of 22k gold.

So you will not be harmed in any way by collecting it. These jhumkas are very durable due to the perfect working in the design. So if you wish you can always collect your bride to wear.

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2. Bridal jhumka design

bridal jhumka design

I have brought another attractive gold jhumka design for brides at number two. Currently, this jhumka design has occupied a large number of training gold jhumka designs. One of the reasons why this  21k Indian gold jhumka design is so popular is that it is completely new in design.

Nowadays all women are very keen to wear the latest jhumka designs. So most of the brides loved this jhumka design for themselves. This jhumka design is completely made of 21 carat gold. So you will surely benefit by collecting it.

3. Bridal jhumka design with price

bridal jhumka design with price

You might even know how attractive these gold jhumka designs are for brides! These jhumka designs are so attractive for brides that it has been observed that almost 80% of Indian brides prefer these types of jhumka designs for them.

And we have sent this bridal jhumka design to brides and they love it very much. So you can make your bride more attractive by gifting this jhumka design. It is completely made of 21k gold. So don’t worry about being cheated.

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4. Gold jhumka designs from tanishq

gold jhumka designs from tanishq

Tanishq Gold Jewelery based in India has now found a place in the minds of most of the people in India. A large number of women collect their favorite jewelery designs from Tanishq Gold Jewellery. So if you intend to buy attractive jhumka designs from Tanishq Gold Jewellery, then this is for you.

Currently this jhumka design is most selling for brides at Tanishq Gold Jewellery. You can easily collect it from them. It’s actually pretty cool. Made entirely of 21k gold. The weight of this jhumka design is 12 grams. 12 gram Bridal jhumka design price 57,480 Rs 

5. gold jhumka designs for bride

gold jhumka designs for bride

You can collect these gold jhumka designs which are very attractive for gifting. It will be very durable due to its very strong construction. You can gift this jhumka design to your own daughter on her daughter’s wedding.

If you give this gift to your daughter she will be very happy. You don’t have to spend a lot to make this jhumka design. You can get it at an affordable price. Currently this jhumka design is most collected by women in Delhi city of India.

6. New jhumka design gold

new jhumka design gold

If you are a little weak financially or want to gift a light weight gold jhumka design to your bride, then you can get it. Because it is made with very light weight. You can get it at a very cheap price. Many middle class family men gift their wives with this gold jhumka design.

Anyway every bridal jhumka design of today’s collection hopefully you like it very much and you want to collect them if you want to collect them then you can collect them from big jewelery store in your city.


So friends if you like these gold jhumka designs for bride then collect them very fast. We constantly share interesting jhumka designs and other gold jewelery on our People Choice website. So you can stay with us and see the new gold jewelery every day.

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