4 Gold long Necklace Designs with weight and price 2023

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Gold long Necklace Designs with weight and price

Jewelry is a part of the fashion of millions of women. Women love to use Gold long Necklace Designs. Especially they like gold jewelry very much. Gold is used to make all kinds of jewelry such as: earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc. One of the most preferred of these jewels is the long necklace. Most Indian women love to wear these long gold necklaces. Bangladeshi girls love these and they wear them. Today I will show you 4 new long necklace designs. Which have been on the market for the last one week. Brand new.These long necklaces will be discussed in detail. You can also collect these if you wish.

You must be happy to hear that these four necklace designs are among the best necklace designs of 2023. Of all the long necklace designs that have been created in this new year, these four necklace designs have become great and popular. The main reason why these necklace designs are becoming popular is that these necklaces are made with light weight. These necklace designs are not only beautiful in terms of design! These are made with many acceptable weights. Women of any family can collect these.

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It is often seen that long gold necklaces are not available without the heavy weight. But the experienced craftsmen of our country have made these gold necklaces designs very great and attractive with very little weight. You can make each design with lighter weight if you wish. There is an extraordinary beauty hidden in every necklace. Many poor families in our country have collected these designs to wear at their weddings. Such was the case with a woman a few days ago. The woman’s husband died. The woman had two daughters and she lived alone in their family.

The woman used to earn all the expenses of the family alone. The woman was looking for gold jewelry for her eldest daughter’s wedding. The woman needed a long necklace with a beautiful design in her light weight. Because at present women wear the longest heavy necklaces to wear at weddings. So that woman needed a long necklace in a pretty light weight for her eldest daughter’s wedding. This is because the woman’s financial situation was very bad. He came to our address after a lot of searching to get the design as per his mind. At first we showed him a lot of heavy, heavy attractive long necklace designs but he was reluctant to buy them.

And we then realized that the woman needed an attractive gold necklace in light weight. Then we brought to the fore the top four gold necklaces of 2023. And each design has been just like his mind and he was extremely happy to get them. . Because she wanted to get a beautiful long necklace design that is attractive in light weight. In fact, as beautiful as the necklace designs look at the photos, these necklace designs look more beautiful in reality.

Eventually he found the design in his mind. In fact, it is not possible for those of us who are from poor families to collect those heavy gold necklaces. So for them, these four necklaces can be the best necklace designs in light weight.


1. Gold long Necklace Designs in 30 grams

beautiful necklace designs

This long necklace looks great. Many people call it “Sitahar”. This awesome necklace is made of 21 carat gold. This necklace is made very perfectly. So it will be much more sustainable.

The necklace is made of very light weight and its price will be much lower. This beautiful long necklace weighs only 22 grams. According to the current market, the price of this necklace is 135,000 rupees. The necklace is made of very light weight, yet this necklace is very amazing to look at.

This would be perfect for those of you who are looking for such a long necklace in light weight. The collections that we show all the time, we try to bring a lot of good collections in front of you.


2. Gold long Necklace Designs in 20 grams

Gold long Necklace Designs with weight and price

This great lightweight necklace is very durable. This long necklace is made of 21 carat gold. It looks great even though it is made with very little weight.

This long necklace is very beautiful for anyone and anyone can collect it. Because this long necklace is made with a lot less weight, so it can be collected by anyone. 

It is made in a completely perfect way so there is no worry of breaking. This beautiful long necklace can be used anytime you want without any problem. 

Wearing this light weight long necklace will grab everyone’s attention whenever you go to any place or event. Because everyone will be amazed at how such a beautiful long necklace can weigh so little.

This necklace weighs only 16 grams. It is priced at Rs 95,000 according to the current market. Collect now without delay.

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3. Gold long Necklace Designs in 30 grams

new gold long necklace designs

The necklace that I am showing you at number three is to look at this necklace but very awesome. This is a traditional long necklace design. Many people like this necklace design because many traditional designs can be seen in this design. 

This necklace has become very popular due to the look of these traditional designs. This necklace is made with very little weight. A necklace that is very great. You will be able to use it for different occasions and your own wedding will be very interesting. 

Great for gifts to your loved ones. Perfect especially for your grandparents and the elderly. This long necklace is also worn by young women. Because it’s great for women of any age. This long necklace weighs 22 grams. This beautiful long necklace is priced at Rs 135,000 according to the current market.

4.Gold long Necklace in 40 grams

Gold long Necklace Designs with weight and price

This necklace looks great. This necklace with a slightly different design looks very attractive. But it is a very common necklace it is seen in many places it is bought by many.

A very nice necklace people like it very much. This you can take for the people of your choice. Can be used for your own wedding and various occasions.

This necklace is made very perfectly so it will be very durable. It is made entirely of 21 carat gold. This necklace weighs 27 grams. It is priced at Rs 165,000 in the current market.

Today I showed you the long necklace design, I hope you like it. Each design is made of 21 carat gold. Made with very little weight so it will be very good for you.

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