Assignment canceled! The Assignment has become a thorn in the side

Fatima Rani

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How are you all i hope you are much better Today we will talk about “I want to cancel the assignment”. Currently, an activity called Assignment has hit the lives of students hard all over Bangladesh. You know that the assignment has given you to give SSC and HSC exams, who will take the exam in 2021. Now this assignment has become a thorn in the side of many students. Because everyone thinks that giving exams is much better than giving assignment. And there are a lot of things happening for this assignment. As an incident happened a few days ago, the student committed suicide by not getting a smartphone for the assignment.

The reason was that the girl would do the assignment but for which a smartphone was very necessary. Because the current situation has brought us to a place where no one can do this special activity properly without a smart phone. Moreover, if we look at the various Facebook groups, we see that there are protests that want to cancel the assignment. And using hashtags. It’s not just one! There are many Facebook groups like this where people who are basically SSC and HSC candidates in 2021 are making a lot of comments to cancel the assignment. In that case I will give you some advice on what you can do right now. What will be good for you and what the Minister of Education can do for you.

First of all, let’s talk about the asainment that is published by the Ministry of Education. What was the reason for that asainment? And for what did you give the asainment? Asainment were given for your assessment. May you benefit from this special activity and may the quality of your education be better. But now the Ministry of Education has told you that you will be tested. What asainment was needed since they would take the test. There is no need for asainment to prepare here. If students are told about the test or the syllabus, they can prepare for the test alone. In that case there is no urgent need for this asainment.

The student takes the Assignment to go to school or college to give an asainment. He has to go to school or college again to submit the asainment. There is a risk of corona here. It can also cause accidents on the road. Because a few days ago, a school student died in an accident while going to school to submit an asainment. Complete this asainment again. Completing the asainment shows that a maximum of ten to 50 percent of the students do the asainment correctly. And the rest follow the solutions given on YouTube, Facebook or different places. And seeing them completes the asainment. So the main reason for giving the asainment here is not being achieved.

Only students who are being harassed. In this case, the Ministry of Education should cancel the asainment. Or even if they are with asainments, they will give all the weekly asainment to the students. Or they will make the short syllabus more concise and pass it on to the students. And let them know that you will see this and prepare and you will be tested on this syllabus. And you won’t have any classes. Then the students could have fully prepared for the exam on their own. They would have benefited the most. They would be more interested in their studies. But in order to keep the activities of this asainment correct, many students are facing many problems.

In particular I will give examples through two things, I have two younger sisters. One of them has a phone and the other has no phone. Now he has a phone but he can take various measures to do the asainment properly. He is submitting asainment with solutions from YouTube, Facebook and other places. But those who don’t have a phone are wasting time going to college from home every day. Again it is seen that he is never able to submit the asainment at the right time. And the cost of 20 rupees per day is to rent a car to go to college, separate expenses for asainment, not understanding how to write asainment, collecting asainment, submitting asainments, that girl in various problems like thisThere are those who do not have a phone.Now if there is a phone but everyone will be ahead even if a little.

This is something you all know who use Facebook and YouTube. If you take a look, you will realize how far ahead those of you who have phones are. They can do everything they need to do for their asainments over the phone. And how far behind he is without a phone. So creating such inequality in this age is but a very bad aspect! I think the Ministry of Education did it well. In that case, if the asainment has to be done, then the government should provide a phone to those who do not have a phone. Then it would have happened. But such problems have appeared in the issues related to this asainment.

The reason I am saying this is that the asainment should be canceled if it needs to be canceled. I think this asainment is putting a lot of pressure on the lives of all the students. These are the problems, a girl has committed suicide, but it has come out in public. There are many more cases like this that did not lead to suicide, but they are in a lot of trouble. Many have asked me, that we get a lot of information about asainments. But our family members don’t want to believe it. They say we lie. But here we really have to give asainment. But these are not what our family believes and they cannot afford any cost. Besides, at present everyone is needy and economically weak. It is very difficult for every family to spend enough money at this time.
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And you also said that you are taking money from us by lying about all this. Is that so in reality? Teachers, however, do not explain these well to the parents and there are many parents who do not understand these things. Because the term asainment is new to many parents. There is no need for asainment if the test is done. If the test is not given, then you have to complete the asainment. Any one should do. In case of examination, the examinees will only focus on exam preparation. And if you publish the results through asainment, then let the examinees do the asainments well. I hope this will make the life of the students beautiful.

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