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the value of time

There is very little time for us in the world. But the work is much more. Time goes by at its own pace. So the value of time in our lives is immense. All the people in the world who have valued time have achieved success in their lives. That is why the poet says- ‘Both the river and the black motion are both proofs of the same unstable flow.’ This is the eternal truth of the poet. Human life is really fleeting at the moment. Only when we value time can we reach our goal.

Time is needed to make human life successful and beautiful as the best creature in the world. If you think deeply, you will understand that time is the most valuable resource in the world. Every moment comes to us with a huge potential. Time is short though; But his potential is huge. Life is fleeting but its consequences are permanent. That is why our life will be beautiful and successful only if we can use every moment of life with caution.

Time waits for no one. Once gone, it cannot be returned. For those who do not understand the value of time, success in life does not come! If you lose something valuable, you can get it back with money. But it is not possible to bring back the time that has passed once with a thousand attempts.


The value of time in our lives is immeasurable

The value of time in our lives is immense. But if we do not value time, we will never understand the value of time. If we do not value time, time will tell us its value in the future. In fact, the value of time in our lives cannot be expressed in words. There are countless people in the world who have achieved success. Looking at the lives of each of them, it can be seen that they never neglected time. They have used every moment of their lives. The value of time cannot be explained by any amount. Because the value of time is infinite. If you value time! Then you can get unlimited results. If you want to achieve success in life then you should never neglect this time. Each task will end on time.


Time and duties:

The three conditions of our lives are very obvious. Childhood, childhood and adolescence are the time when our body becomes mentally successful. This time our parents and teachers make us aware of the value of our time. Because this is the ideal time to create awareness among ourselves about the value of time.

Our career from youth to the end of life. This is the period of observing the religion of the family and then living in old age. Old age is actually known as the time of retirement. In order to improve this retirement, it is one of the duties of one’s life to make proper use of time.

That action can be spiritual or social or knowledge-seeking. By learning from childhood and other practices we can make ourselves suitable for career. If we are not aware of the value of time, we cannot and will not become fit for a career.

In the same way, if we do not understand the value of time, that is, do not take advantage of time, then our family life will also fail. As a result, the life of old age is not happy. Retirement of old age also becomes painful if we do not keep it engaged in proper work. Keeping yourself busy requires more awareness of the value of time.


The importance of time awareness

Each of us needs to spend our time very consciously. There is a saying in English “time is money”. The word has special significance. Proper use of time can bring financial prosperity in life. Although time is not literally money, time is undoubtedly a valuable resource.

Lost money or property can be recovered, lost health can be regained, but lost time cannot be regained at any cost. Invaluable time cannot be bought in exchange for the entire wealth of the world. So if we do not understand the value of time, the whole society suffers. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.


Consequences of misuse of time

The value of time is immense. So if time is misused, the results are very bad. Let’s learn about the value of time through a story.


At one time there was a man who became extremely poor even though he was a very rich man before. Gradually, her condition worsened to the point that her family could not eat properly. Even their children had to spend the day without food. Seeing this situation, the man’s wife said, “Our king lives in the village next to ours. You go there.” Because the king was a very close friend of that person. The king would come to us here and we would also go to the king’s house.

Doesn’t he know about our bad condition? The king will help us if he finds out about our plight. The man’s wife told him to go to the king’s house tomorrow and tell him about our plight. According to his wife, the man went to the king. When the man reached the gate of the palace, he told a soldier his name. Then the soldiers entered the palace and told the king about the man.

Hearing that his friend had arrived, the king ran and grabbed the man. The king said why are you in such a condition? Your poor condition, you tell me what you need. Then the man told the king all his troubles. His king friend heard all this and said, friend don’t worry! I have a lot of wealth. You can take as many resources as you want. Then the king took the man to the house where his diamond pearl was. The king said, “I am giving you a time. You can take as many pearls as you want during this time.”

So that there is no shortage in your life and you can be a king like me. But the king gave him a condition that if you can’t get out of the property in time, you won’t get anything because as soon as the time is up a bell button will ring then you can’t take anything else. Then the needy man filled his bag with many pearls before the time was up. And when he looked at the time, he saw that there was still some time left. Then he saw some games in front of him, because he had time, he started playing with the toys.

The toys were so beautiful and amazing that the person was having a lot of fun playing with them. Because those toys were dancing and posing very beautifully. The man spent his time playing with the toys. And the bell button, rang. And he was devastated by not paying the price for his time and he could not take anything and left empty-handed. Then the king said friend does not worry! I’m taking you to my second asset house. His second asset house had a lot of gold in it.

Then the two friends started walking towards the golden house. This time again the king gave him a fixed time like the previous time and said you can bring as many gold bags as you want during this time. . But when the time is up, you can’t take anything else. The king also said, “Friend, don’t make the same mistake as before. Come out before the time is up.” When the man reached the gold house, he was very happy to see the gold. And the man filled the bag and took a lot of gold. But the second time he got out of the gold house, he got stuck near a horse.

Because the horse was the king’s horse, it was very beautifully decorated with gold. The man had traveled with the king in many places as a child and rode on that horse. The horse recognized the man and the man began to caress the horse. And he sat on the horse’s back and began to rejoice. Thus his time ran out and he did not understand. The belly button, rang again for the second time. According to the king, the man could not take anything after the bell button rang. He had to suffer again because he could not do his job as he did at the time.

He came out of there empty handed with great regret. Then the king said, friend, you made a mistake again! Ok ok don’t worry, I’m taking you to my third asset. The king’s third estate was filled with silver. Then the king took her to the house full of silver. And the king said cautiously, Friend, you have made a mistake twice! The third time you don’t make a mistake, you will fill out as many silver bags as you want and come out in the right time.

Then the man entered the house on the property and filled as many silver bags as he wanted and he could not walk properly because he took too much silver. Then when he came out and came in front of the door, he saw a ring to wear on one hand. Then the man thought that this ring was very valuable. And the writing on the skin of this ring wasn’t touching me! Touching will take you to the past. You can’t come back. This ring will go into your fingertips in a very amazing way when you touch it.

Then the man did not believe the words written on it and he thought that it was just written and he thought that this ring is very valuable, so it should not be taken away by anyone so it was written on it like this. And that person thought how could I go to the past if I touched it? Then the man became very curious. And that person thought once I touch it and see what happens! Then he touched it and according to that written word his memory went to the past and as time went by the time ran out according to the word given by his king. Then the bell button, rang.

He had to hurt himself for not paying the price for the third time and had to leave empty-handed. The king was very sad to see her in this condition. The king grabbed the man and said, “Friend, if you make a mistake again, I have another house of wealth left.” The house of that treasure was full of precious metals that looked like gold. Because the metals were less valuable, the man took a lot more of them. He could not carry it to the door of the house because it was too heavy and he started having severe pain in his waist.

Then he saw a bed next to him. And he thought there was still a lot of time left, I didn’t have a little rest. Thinking this, he lay down on the bed to rest. And he fell asleep. His time ran out and for the last time he was damaged by not paying the price of his own time. The sound of the bell button woke her up. He began to feel very sorry for himself and he thought that even after getting so many opportunities I could not take anything. Will my life ever change?

In fact, this story relates to our lives. When we play sports in our childhood, our time is spent on sports and when we go to family life, our time is spent trying to run the family, to survive, and in our old age our knee strength decreases When the strength of the waist is lost, we lie in bed. Then the bed became our only companion. So we learn to value time in our own lives to have time.

We can take advantage of our time to recognize ourselves and reach our true goal. With the value of the time we can get a lot bigger in our lives. Given the value of time, we will never be lacking in our lives and we will never be in misery. From this story we realized that we can be very big losers if we don’t value time. So each of us should use every moment of life.


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