The identity of Rajiv Gandhi and why he was assassinated

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The identity of Rajiv Gandhi and why he was assassinated

Today we will talk about the life of the famous Rajiv Gandhi of India and why Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated? We will discuss the details

Rajiv Gandhi was a prominent politician and the seventh Prime Minister of India. He was sworn in as the youngest Prime Minister of India on October 31, 1984, at the age of 40, following the death of his mother, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. His father Feroze Gandhi was a famous politician. His grandfather Jaharlal Nehru was a pioneer leader of India’s freedom struggle and the first Prime Minister of independent India. Rajiv Gandhi’s father, Feroze Gandhi, had a special reputation as a Member of Parliament from the Congress for his courage and dedication.

He formed a special alliance with Indira and her mother Kamala Nehru for party work in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Later, while in England, Indira and Feroze became attracted to each other. They decided to get married together. But at first Jaharlal Nehru objected because Feroze Gandhi was of the opposite religion. Later, however, he agreed. They were married in 1942. Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20 August 1944 in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. He was only three years old when India gained independence and his grandfather Jaharlal Nehru became the Prime Minister.

His mother Indira Gandhi is one of the most successful Prime Ministers in the history of India. Rajeev spent his childhood in Trinamool Bhaban with his mother. In this house, the Prime Minister’s official work was overseen by his mother Indira Gandhi. From August 1947, his family settled permanently in Allahabad and his father, Feroze Gandhi, was appointed editor of The National Herald, a newspaper founded by Jaharlal Nehru. Rajiv Gandhi’s education began at the “Welham World” school in Dehradun. Then he was admitted in “Dun” school. His younger brother Sanjay was admitted to him in this school.

After finishing school, Rajiv Gandhi left his home country for higher studies and migrated to England and in 1962 was admitted to Cambridge University. However, his mind did not stay there for long. In 1965 he left the university without any reason. He enrolled in the Imperial College of Mechanical Engineering in London in 1966. However, less than a year later, he left the Imperial College again without a degree. Although he had a keen interest in studying in his student life, he had no interest in formally recognized studies.

Study for the exam! He did not believe in this principle. Although he is the Prime Minister of India, politics has never been able to attract him that way. It is known from his classmates that his reading room used to have books on science and technology rather than philosophy, politics and history books. Apart from being a music-loving modern singer, he had a keen interest in Hindustani and Western music. His choice was to do photography. But his biggest attraction was aviation. While at Cambridge University, Rajeev met an Italian girl named “Etunia Elvis” at a restaurant.

Whom we know as Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi later became the President of the Indian National Congress. Rajib liked Sonia for the first time at the restaurant. Then Rajiv, without any hesitation, wrote a poem on a napkin with the help of the restaurant owner and sent it to Sonia with the most expensive drink and he quickly created an opportunity to talk to Sonia in a different way. Sonia did not know then that this young man was the son of the Prime Minister of India. Gradually they became closer and decided to get married. Before the marriage, Sonia first came to India in January 1968 and on February 25 of the same year, they were happily married in a Hindu ceremony.

After returning to the country from England, Rajiv Gandhi turned his attention to aviation. He passed the Delhi Flight Club entrance exam and started a regular practice to get a commercial license. Shortly afterwards, he joined Indian Airlines as a pilot. He had no interest in politics. . But after the death of his younger brother in 1980, he was forced to enter politics at the request of his mother Indira Gandhi and contested the Lok Sabha elections in 1981 from “Amersekendra” in Uttar Pradesh. In this by-election, he defeated his rival Lok Sabha leader “Sarab Yadav” by a huge margin.

On October 31, 1984, Indira Gandhi was killed by her own bodyguard. He was then staying in West Bengal. Within hours of her mother’s death, high-ranking Congress leaders began pressuring her to become president and prime minister. Despite his reluctance, he was forced to become the youngest Prime Minister of India at the age of 40. Rajiv Gandhi has 2 children. His first child was Rahul Gandhi in 1970 and his daughter Priyanka Gandhi was born in 1972 two years later. Rahul Gandhi is currently the President of the Congress. At the height of Sri Lanka’s Tamil insurgency in 1990, Rajiv Gandhi said in an interview that he would send Indian peacekeepers back to Sri Lanka if re-elected Prime Minister.

Rajiv Gandhi deployed the National Peacekeeping Force in Sri Lanka for a peaceful solution during his first term as Prime Minister. The Congress lost the 1989 general election and Rajiv Gandhi lost his prime ministership. When Rajiv Gandhi returned to power, it was almost certain that peacekeepers would be sent to Sri Lanka. So Prabhakaran, the main leader of the Tamil rebels, decided to assassinate Rajiv. If re-elected Prime Minister, it will be difficult to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. For this reason, Prabhakaran became desperate to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi before the election. In November 1990, Prabhakaran summoned his 4 faithful warriors Baby Subramaniam, Moore Gun and two others. In the first week of December, Prabhakaran along with four of his colleagues finalized the plan to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi.

The four were assigned different responsibilities. One evening in 1991, Rajiv Gandhi was preparing to leave for Madras after addressing a public meeting in “Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam”. But the pilot of his plane said there was a mechanical fault and it was not possible to travel to Madras at the moment. Rajiv Gandhi canceled the trip. He stopped the trip and decided to stay at the State Guesthouse. He was on his way to the State Guest House when he was informed that the plane was ready for departure. They arrived at the guest house because his personal security was in another car. But Rajiv Gandhi went to the airport again from the middle. When they reach the guest house, they find out that Rajiv Gandhi has returned from the middle.

Without waiting for the National Security Team, he left for Madras without them. He then flew to Madras without his personal security. At 10:05 pm, Rajiv Gandhi’s car reached the public meeting place of “Bahar Sriparembudur”. When he reached there, the leaders and activists came to greet him with garlands of flowers. The translation of a letter compiled by a poor boy for help was read out to Rajiv Gandhi. He then pushed the crowd of leaders and activists on the red carpet and started walking towards a special place about 100 meters away.

Due to the large crowd there, Rajiv Gandhi was walking slowly and receiving garlands of flowers from various leaders and activists. The newly departed bomber approached Rajiv Gandhi, but was stopped by a police inspector. But the humble Rajiv Gandhi told the police, “Everyone’s turn! Don’t worry, relax” This was Rajiv Gandhi’s last words. Then Dhanu put a garland around Rajiv Gandhi’s neck. Rajiv Gandhi laughed and gave a garland to one of the workers next to him, a man named Dhanu trying to salute Rajiv Gandhi at his feet, leaned over and activated the bomber.

Simultaneously 20 sRajivquare meters of space were shaken by the explosion. And this day was May 21, 1991. Rajiv Gandhi died instantly in the blast. An explosion from too close hit his face, causing his body to turn into a pile of flesh. His body was later identified by looking at his shoes and watch. Dhanu’s body was torn apart in the explosion. In the history of India, this assassination is known as the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Apart from Rajiv, 25 others were killed in the blast. The murder was captured on camera by a local photographer who was later found dead at the scene. The photographer was killed in the blast, but surprisingly the camera was intact.


why Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated?

In fact, Rajiv Gandhi was a very generous man. Taking advantage of his generosity, he was killed. In fact, Sri Lanka has been at war with Rajiv Gandhi for a long time. But Rajiv Gandhi has always had a good relationship with them by sending peacekeepers to them. He lost his job due to the defeat of the Congress. And it was a great opportunity for Sri Lanka’s chief Prabhakaran. But he knew that if Rajiv Gandhi was re-elected, he would send peacekeepers again and then it would be impossible to kill him. So Prabhakaran made the final decision to kill him before he was elected. After that Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated under the leadership of Prabhakaran. I finished so far today. If you want to know the real story of killing all the members of Rajiv Gandhi’s family, let us know in the comments.

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