Top 8 Bridal Bangles Design You Can Collect It

Nila Nahar


Gold bridal  bangles design are available in many eye Catching designs and weights. The price of gold bangles depends on their weight and design. Some people like their designs to be heavy. For example, there is a gold bangle of different grams and price. Any design you choose can be designed different gold bangle.

It looks classy and rich in appearance. Wearing gold bangles in daily life gives you pride and dignity. It has significance in every woman’s life. It has become customary to wear gold bangles in weddings. Once you start taking interest, you can explore many designs in different gram gold bangle designs. Today I will discuss top 8 bridal bangles design so let’s start.

1. Flower bangles design

Bridal bangles design

  • Bangles weight: 55  grams
  • Bangles price: 281,985 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

It is very nice bridal bangles  design in 22kt. It has beautiful floral work which is very attractive to look at.It is made for wedding ceremony but you can go for any others ceremony or party if you want.

It will look very attractive with red saree  of flowers and necklace, earrings. You can make this beautiful design in 55 grams  for your wedding. It will give you wonderful bridal look.

2. Mina bangles design

Bridal bangles design

  • Bangles weight: 61 grams
  • Bangles price: 312,747 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This beautiful enameled bridal bangles design is loved by everyone for its beautiful and unusual design. Four levels of stealth have been implemented which is really amazing.

This bangles  bring to the bridal look. It will look very attractive with bridal sarees and bridal necklaces and earrings. You can wear other party if you want.

3. Ring bangles design

  • Bangles weight:  61 grams
  • Bangles price: 312,747 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This is a nice bridal bangles design. This bangles is make  in the design of the ring and is made attractive with stones. 61 grams like so beautiful design that is really charming.

This bangles will play a unique role to modernize your wedding outfit. This bangles along with the saree will bring the glamor look.

4. Bridal bangles design

  • Bangles weight: 47 grams
  • Bangles price: 240,969 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

How about this rich 22kt yellow gold bangle with a floral design for you? Isn’t it beautiful? The bangle comes with a beautiful  design on the edge without any extra embellishments.

The bracelet is made of pure gold metal, which is seamlessly rich and perfect for adding sophisticated, trendy style.Itgoes well with Bridal lehengas or long dresses with bridal necklaces and earrings.

5. Floral bangles design

  • Bangles weight: 55  grams
  • Bangles price: 281,985 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

Who doesn’t love floral designs? After all, we bet here that every woman here loves and styles floral designs and looks just right. This gold bangle by floral is really gorgeous and perfect for women who love an elegant, plush and delicate look. The style also brings a modern vibe with classic feminine appeal. We like it in the trending 55 gram gold .

Gold bridal bangles  design with ethnic wear dresses or sarees for a beautiful look. You can add a beautiful bridal necklace of your choice and matching colored Bridal earrings.

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6. Traditional bangles design

  • Bangles weight: 72 grams
  • Bangles price: 369,144 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

Many brides complete their ensembles with gold jewellery, and a bangle set is one of the main components. They can be multiple bangles of thin shape, or they can be of different shapes and patterns.

Gold is considered very auspicious, so many families buy this bangle set for weddings. You can be worn any traditional bridal saree, lehenga, traditional bridal necklace and earrings. you look a traditional bride and look amazing.

7. Unique bangles design

  • Bangles weight:  44 grams
  • Bangles price: 225,588 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

This is a gorgeous design in 44 grams gold bangle. Zigzag lines are done on bangles. You can wear one on each hand to give a dashing  wedding look. Your wrists will shine with this gold bangle. It has a fine design. With bridal saree, necklace, Earring will go well in this bangle. So collect it.

8. Monipuri bangles design

  • Bangles weight:  55 grams
  • Bangles price: 281,985 Rs
  • Metal: 22kt gold

Manipuri brides and many other Indian or Bengali  women’s usually wear bangles made of pure gold or precious stones. This is so amazing bridal bangles design.

You look awesome  when wear this bangles with bridal saree, lehenga and bridal necklace and earrings. So get them as early as possible for your wedding ceremony.


The gold  bridal bangle design is pleasing and alluring and will leave an impression on you! While you can create any design you like in your specific weight of gold, these  different  gram gold bangle designs are machine made and involve a lot of mundane fashion and some fine craftsmanship. The design is very impressive and attractive and it is affordable. We hope you will like this article. Please follow our website and like comment, share. Thank you

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