Beautiful Gold Earrings Under 6000/- For Daily Wear With Price

Fatima Rani

Gold Earrings Under 6,000

Beautiful Gold Earrings Under 6000 for daily wear are the best. So in today’s collection I have brought you some very charming gold earrings, which you can get under 6000 rupees. All the earrings cost very little money. They are most excellent for Daily War. Generally women in India continue to do various household chores after marriage.

So they wear heavy weight and large size jewelry and it becomes difficult to do housework. So they love to wear small size attractive gold earrings in light weight for daily wear. They are not likely to be damaged by wearing them all the time.

If you also find it uncomfortable to wear heavy jewelery to work all the time, then you can definitely pick up and wear these lightweight earrings. Hope you enjoy wearing them a lot. So let’s see the designs of today’s collection and know the details.

1. Gold earrings under 6000

earrings price 5,860 Rs

The first earring that I have brought to you in today’s collection, the design in it looks very much like a pipe. It is amazing that such attractive gold earrings are made in such a light weight. I hope you like it. And you can collect it in just six thousand rupees.

Despite being made with such a light weight, it is very elongated in shape. You can wear these earrings while doing any housework. Hope there will be no problem.

2. Gold earrings under 6000 Rs

gold earrings under 6000

These daily wear earrings are made in a brand new design. If you look closely into it you can perceive the design of a small tree. It is as if some small leaves have grown with the tree. However it is very well designed. Slim ladies will be very attractive wearing it to various parties. It is completely made of real gold.

3. Gold earrings design under 4000

gold earrings design under 4000

You can get these very small and light weight earrings for just Rs 4,000. I think you shouldn’t have any trouble to collect it. You won’t have any problem if you wear it in the ear. Because it is very light in weight, it will not hang in your ear and cause you pain.

You can use it as a very simple earring. It will be great for daily wear especially for married girls who do a lot of work in their house.

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4. Low budget gold earrings

low budget gold earrings

Many people look for low budget gold earrings to wear every day. I think every single earring in today’s collection for them is absolutely gorgeous. As these earrings are low budget, they are so attractive that they will grab your attention very easily.

Besides, you will be admired in any event you wear them. They are completely unique and newly designed. Which will take some time to grab everyone’s attention.

5. Lower price gold earrings

Lower price gold earrings

Look no further for lower price gold earrings. Because this is where you get your favorite lower price gold earrings. Usually when we get an invite and go to a function, we need to give gifts there. There are many people who like to give gold ornaments as gifts.

And they always want to get light and cheap gold ornaments and give them as gifts. These Gold earrings under 6000 can be very useful for them. Because they are very stylish and high quality just like their low price. Any female will fall in love at first sight.

6. Low cost gold earrings under 6,000

Low cost gold earrings

It looks very similar to jhumka design. But most of the girls in India buy these earrings from the market to wear all the time. It is also seen that many middle-class men have collected a large number of these gold earrings to gift their wife’s.

Girls will look amazing wearing these earrings with pink color saree. Also, these types of earrings can be great for girls who are young and will be traveling with loved ones. These gold earrings are under 6000 rupees.

7. Peacock Design Gold Earrings

gold earrings under 6000

Hopefully, just seeing this will make you want to collect. Because everyone’s favorite peacock has been designed in it. All over the earring is just peacock design. You will look very attractive when you buy it and wear it on your ears.

After you wear it, it will feel as if a small bird is sitting on your ear. It’s a joy to think about. However it is a bit heavy but can be picked up for daily wear.

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8. Sui dhaga gold earrings under 15000

Sui dhaga gold earrings under 5000

Currently, there are many different designs of earrings. Among these, the Sui dhaga design is very popular in various parts of India. Girls from different parts of India love to wear these Sui dhaga gold earrings so much that they always buy Sui dhaga designs whenever they go to the market for earrings.

So in today’s collection I am bringing you very attractive Sui dhaga earrings in low budget. It looks very long and gold chains are used in it.

9. Simple gold earrings

gold earrings

Here comes another small attractive earrings, completely made of 21 carat pure gold. Each earring in today’s collection is made of twenty one carat gold. You may know that 21k gold means pure gold. So the earrings made of them must be full of strong and durable. Don’t worry about being cheated in any way by collecting them.

10. Butterfly design gold earrings

gold earrings new model

A brand new design of butterfly Gold earrings under 6000 has been introduced in the jewelry market. It has gained immense popularity in the market as expected. Many have collected it for themselves and many have collected it for others. You can wear it while going to various festivals. It is especially great for gift giving. Nowadays women will most like to get it as a gift.

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