7 Spring Fashion Trends – What’s Hot or Not in 2023

Fatima Rani

7 Spring Fashion Trends

Hello dear, In today’s article, we are talking about the hottest trends for spring 2023. What is most wearable and perhaps. What we should stay away from. let’s get into it.

1. Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans

Starting things off with the hottest denim Trend and that is going to be the baggy jean. We are seeing a shift in the silhouette for a much baggier, looser, wider fit. The looser, the better, the bigger, the most comfortable not only are they super wide. But they’re super long. Also we are seeing them pooling and puddling on the ground. Just dragging across the floor. This is really comfortable and cozy, but is it elegant is it elevated in appearance. I must say that, I don’t think it is for me.

It’s very reminiscent of the late 90s those raver club kids, that wore the baggies jeans never thought. That was cute never thought, that was elegant or stylish. It just looked really sloppy and frumpy in my opinion. I still feel that way today if you are going to explore this trend.

I do highly suggest that you go for a little bit more of a wider leg Jean. Not so overly baggy, but a little bit more of a looser relaxed fit perhaps a barrel Jean. That might have a little bit more of a taper at the leg. That you can show off your dainty ankle.

2. Cargos pants

Cargo pants

I know cargos are a super hot trend for spring fashion trends 2023. I think I’m going to group these in with a baggy jean Trend. Just say that I’m really not for this trend, especially when the pockets are overly large. They’re just creating bulk on your silhouette. Where you don’t want it to be. I don’t think they’re very flattering. I think they are overly casual. I think that they are trending a little bit more towards a masculine style.

Even though a trouser can be considered very masculine but to add all these big bulky utility pockets onto it as well. I think it’s a little bit too masculine for my taste. If you are going to explore the cargo Trend, I do suggest that you look for Pockets that are a little bit less bulkier or perhaps incorporating it into a skirt.

3. Clean tailoring

Clean tailoring

Now for a trend that I’m absolutely loving for spring 2023 and this is completely opposite of the baggy jean and cargo pant Trend. And that is going to be clean tailoring the runway. It’s for spring season were full of beautiful clean crisp sophisticated elegant Silhouettes. Sharp fitted very tailored Blazers nothing too oversized, but we did see some oversized Trends on the runways as well.

That’s okay but for this trend I’m sticking to something a little bit more cleaner sharper classic. And more tailored in design and all the trousers look like, you took them to a tailor and had them perfectly fitted to your body. I absolutely love this trend. I think it is classic and traditional but it’s also very sophisticated elegant.

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4. Metallics and sequins

Metallics and sequins

Next on the list for a hot spring fashion trends 2023 trend is metallics and sequins. Now these are considered two different Trends. But I’m grouping them together because these are both very flashy very loud and very shiny shimmery sparkly. They kind of go hand in hand with each other. They’re both very reminiscent of holiday wear, New Year’s and Christmas time.

The holidays in general just wearing those sparkly outfits and Shining really bright for the holidays. Now it’s not just for the holidays anymore keep on wearing those beautiful pieces up through spring and enjoy them for the entire season. The runways were hot with both silver and gold.

5. Bubble skirt

Bubble Skirts

Next up for spring 2023 a very hot Trend seen on the runways of many designers was the bubble skirt. The bubble skirt is back. Ladies do you remember, that from the 2010 Y2K season little mini skirts with some excess fabric around the bottom hem and just pulled under to tuck in like a nice big bubble. Did you like that back, then I liked it back then but I’m not quite sure. I like it now. I find this trend to be a little on the youthful side. Maybe that’s the wrong word.

Because, I’m definitely not about dressing your age or wearing things. That are age appropriate. I think you should wear what you love and wear what makes you feel good. But for me I find the bubble skirt to be maybe a little too girly girl. I think that might be the better word for it. It’s a little too girly girl than feminine a little bit kind of barbieish and a little bit more playful.

6. Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt

Now what I do want to invest in for spring 2023 is the maxi skirt. The maxi skirt was very hot for the runways. Not only did we see it in denim. But we saw it in other Fabrics as well. We saw them in a thin silhouette but we also saw them in a very voluminous A-line skirt as well. We saw them very casually.

But we also saw them very dressed up. I would look for a high-waisted skirt that hits me just at the ankle either to be fitted all the way down. Or to have a little bit more of an a-line style. So that it cinches my waist very much like the bubble skirt would. I think I’m gearing more towards this kind of style instead.

7. Derriere


Next up for a spring fashion trends and I can’t believe I’m going to talk about this. This is definitely a flat out no this is a no-brainer. This is the derriere Trend. This trend rears its ugly head once again and this is kind of the thong Trend, where the thong is poking out of your trousers, out of your skirt basically it looks like either your pants are falling off.

Or somebody played a real nasty trick on you and gave you a big and I hate that. I hate that it looks so awful. It is so tasteless and tacky and unattractive and not sophisticated, not classy, not ladylike whatsoever. I am not going to be showing this trend whatsoever on this article except for right now what I’m telling you don’t do this.

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