100+ Images Of Earring Designs With Price 2023

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100+ images of earring designs

Today we bring you the latest 100+ images of earring designs. Nowadays all women wish to make their fashion style more gorgeous and attractive. One of the items of women’s fashion is jewelry design. They use gold earrings, necklace designs and jhumka designs to make their body more attractive. Besides, they wear engagement rings, diamond rings and silver rings on their fingers. Especially women always wear gold earrings to adorn themselves. So it can be seen that most of the women want to see the latest image of earrings. And they pick the earrings they like from among them.

How do I choose an earring for a girl?

Here you will know how to choose a pair of earrings for a girl. If you are looking for earrings for single and young girl, then simple earrings are definitely for her. Small earrings are perfect for young girls. Also, if you are looking for earrings for married girls, then definitely give them heavy and big size earrings. Big size earrings look great on the ears of married girls.

Latest Collection Of 100+ images of earring designs with price:

Here I have shown you more than hundred images of earring designs with prices. It will be very useful for you. So let’s see each design now and know the price and weight.

1. Earrings image price

Earrings image price

Today I am going to show you the images of earrings with the weight and price of each earring. But keep one thing in mind, since the price of gold fluctuates daily, you should collect according to the gold price on the day you collect. Girls can wear these earrings on their wedding if they want. It is very cool and interesting.

  • Weight: 4 grams
  • Price: 22,000 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

2. Small floral image price

Floral simple earrings image

Any women will love the image of these attractive earring with floral designs. It is collected by many people as Pasha earrings. Especially married girls from rich families look very nice wearing this type of earrings. So you can wear these earrings to make yourself look more rich. If you want to buy it, you can go to any jewelry store in your city.

  • Weight: 1 gram
  • Price: 5500
  • Metal: 21k gold

3. Sui dhaga earring pic with girl

Sui dhaga earring pic with girl

You might be impressed by the image of these attractive sui dhaga earrings. Not only you but many women in India are impressed by this. If you really want to wear needle thread earrings, then you can collect it. It is slightly larger in size so will be most appealing to married women. It is made of only 4 grams of gold.

  • Weight: 3 gram
  • Price: 16,500 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

4. 2 grams Earrings image

Earrings photo

In just 2 grams of gold, you can collect these square shaped earrings to use full time. There are many women who look for attractive gold earrings to wear on a daily basis. It will be great for you. Especially these earrings will stick to your ears when you wear them. So by no means will it make you suffer. You can collect it without any worries.

  • Weight: 1.80 gram
  • Price: 9,900 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21k gold

5. Minakari earrings image

Minakari earrings image

These eye-catching Minakari earrings can take some time to grab the attention of Indian girls. Because nowadays girls of middle class families in India are very fond of Meenakari earrings and they collect them to wear all the time. Wearing it makes girls look more gorgeous and wonderful.

  • Weight: 1.50 gram
  • Price: 8,250 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21k gold

6. 6 grams gold earrings

6 grams gold earrings

The image of these long shaped earrings will make you absolutely enthralled. Because this is a very exquisite design and the sparkling designs created by gold cutting are just as attractive as they are eye-catching. So if you want to see attractive image of gold earrings, then this will be very perfect for you.

  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Price: 27,500 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21k gold

7. 3 grams gold earrings

3 grams gold earrings

These three grams beautiful earrings will be great for daily use. It has a very simple earrings image. So you can wear it as simple earrings. You can also wear these earrings with a light weight necklace if you wish. Nowadays girls are using a lot of earrings in their fashion style.

  • Weight: 2.10 grams
  • Price: 11,550 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

8. beautiful gold earring

beautiful gold earring

You can’t stay without collecting these beautiful earrings. Add it to your everyday jewelry designs. Because you will look very cool and attractive when you wear it. So you will never miss to collect it. It is made in only 4 grams of gold. Perfectly made so there is no worry of spoilage.

  • Weight: 6 gram
  • Price: 33,000 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21k gold

9. Top earrings image

Top earrings image

If you want to see top earrings images you have come to the right place. Because, the earring that is brought before you, it is very popular and known as a top earring by all women. Especially these earrings are mostly worn by married girls. It is best worn by married girls while visiting their relative’s home.

  • Weight: 3.20 gram
  • Price: 17,600 Rs
  • Metal: 21k gold

10. Small gold earrings for girls

Small gold earrings for girls

There are many of you who love to wear small earrings. These earrings are mainly brought for them. It is very small in size as well as very light in weight. It’s great to use all the time. Also, you can collect these earrings to gift your loved ones or someone else if you want. Hope you will benefit by collecting it.

  • Weight: 2 grams
  • Price: 11,000 Rs (current)
  • Metal: 21k gold

11 to 17. Latest Gift Earrings For Every Indian Female

Latest gift earrings

(See all designs price and weight click here)

Nowadays earrings have become very popular for gift. It is seen that many men and women are looking for attractive gold gift earrings images to gift their loved ones. So here are these seven earrings images with price for them. You can visit the page to know their weight and price. It is difficult to show so many designs at once. Here only images of earrings are shown.

18 to 31. Latest Simple Daily Wear Gold Earrings 2023

simple daily wear gold earrings

(See all designs weight and price here)

Many women look for simple daily wear earrings, this article is enough for them. As you may have seen in the photo above, simple earrings are meant for everyday wear. Each earring is designed in a long shape. Because there are many women in India who love to wear long earrings. These are brought for them.

32 to 42. Beautiful Gold Earrings Under 6000/- For Daily Wear With Price

Gold Earrings Under 6,000

(See all designs weight and price here)

There are many of you who would like to see Gold Earrings Under 6000. For them, today here are about 10 earrings, which are completely made of pure gold and you can get them for just 6000 rupees. Each earring is very chic and attractive. You can use them daily.

43 to 69. Unique Gold Earrings Design with Price in 2023

unique gold earrings design

(See all designs weight and price here)

Many people look for images of unique gold earrings in different places. We have brought more than 26 unique earrings images for them. You can see each picture carefully if you want. And you can see the image of your favorite earrings. Each earring is made with very little weight. So there is no pressure to collect them.

70 to 82. Latest Gold Earrings Designs for Daily Use

12 Gold earrings designs for daily use

(See all designs weight and price here)

These latest earrings images for daily use will be enough for you. You collect any one of these earrings for yourself. Hope these will be very useful for you. And you can gift them to someone else if you want. And he will be very happy with you.

83 to 93. Small Gold Earrings Designs for Daily Use That Will be on Trend in 2023

small gold earrings designs for daily use

(See all designs weight and price here)

If you want to see the trending gold earrings of 2023, then definitely check out these earrings images. You are informed about the weight and price of each earring. Hope you won’t have any problem collecting them. If you want you can collect them from any jewelery store in your city.

94 to 102. Unique Wedding Gold Earrings Design in 2023 | Wedding collection

wedding gold earrings

(See all designs weight and price here)

There are many women, who are looking for attractive gold earrings to wear on their wedding, then these unique wedding earrings will be perfect for them. Have a look at the images of wedding earrings and pick up the one you like from any of your local jewelry stores.

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